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Buying a car is becoming more and more of a simple and common purchase, but all buyers should consider the warranty as an important aspect of this investment. Warranty is usually included by most car dealers in the terms of the contract, but not all of them add it, or not for any car. Car warranty is offered mostly for new cars, but also for used ones. Many people choose to purchase a second-hand car and because of the fast paced industry, most cars end up to be sold as used just after a short time of being operated by the first buyer. This means that a lot of cars still have the original factory warranty in force at the moment of the second purchase.

A car warranty does not exclude the fact that you might have problems with the car. But what it includes is the assurance that you won’t have to shell out money from your pocket, should a breakdown happen. But, even if you won’t have to spend money on repairs, do keep in mind that you may spend a lot of time in the mechanic’s shop or you might be left stranded at times.

One should pay close attention to the type of warranty offered, which can vary from one year to ten years, depending on variables like price, type, brand. Some of the car dealers offer warranty for a specific timeframe, or a certain number of miles, or both of these combined (whichever appears first). If you intend to buy a used car, be sure you ask for the warranty’s conditions and terms, and be sure every detail is explained to you.

There are different types of car warranty and it is necessary to understand them in order to determine what is to be done in case of technical issues. Basic car warranty covers all the parts of the car, eliminating pieces like tires, oil filters, break shoes, because these are prone to wear and tear. There are some warranties that are called bumper to bumper which act similarly with the basic warranty, but vary from dealer to dealer, as some dealers may include warranties for tires or batteries, which are also prone to wear.

The most important aspect before purchasing the used automobile is that you need to research its history. You can ask the dealer for any information, for example “was the car returned after an accident?”; Should you know a dependable mechanic, do get him to see the car, and sign the papers only after you consult him. If the car dealer tells you the factory warranty is still valid, it might be a good idea to check this with the manufacturer also, so that you are perfectly assured when buying.

A car warranty offers you financial stability, as you won’t have to worry about un-budgeted costs; these will be supported by the warranty company. You should also know that many online providers are offering flexible payment plans – you can pay annually or even monthly. Best prices for a breakdown cover are offered when the current factory warranty hasn’t expired yet.

Before purchasing breakdown cover, it is important to read the list of repairs included within your policy. Visit us to compare different car warranty packages and decide which one fits your circumstances. Prices and options depend on the age and type of car and your average annual mileage.

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